The Department of Special Education & Interventions offers several masters-level programs for educators as well as a post-baccalaureate initial certification program in special education. Nationally accredited and recognized by Master’s Degree Online as one of the best special education masters programs in the nation, our programs emphasize carefully sequenced classes and field experiences that enable you to gradually increase your knowledge and skills in the field of special education.

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The Master of Science Program: Specialization for Special Education Teachers is designed for certified special educators who wish to advance their knowledge and skills in current trends and issues in special education. 

The Master of Science Program: Specialization for Teachers Seeking Cross Endorsement is designed for teachers who are certified in either elementary or secondary education and are seeking a cross endorsement in special education.

The Master of Science in Special Education: Specialization in Inclusion and Transition is designed for teachers or candidates in a related area of study (eg., Psychology, Sociology, Social Work and related disciplines) to develop effective teaching and learning environments for individuals with disabilities in K-12 educational settings and/or transition planning. Completion of this program does not lead to a cross endorsement in special education.

The Post-Baccalaureate Certification Program in Special Education is a non-degree program for individuals who have earned an undergraduate degree that did not lead to teacher certification (i.e., psychology, sociology, general sciences, human services, mathematics, business, liberal arts, etc.) and are seeking an initial certified in special education.

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a selective graduate-level certification program that prepares qualified students for careers as teachers in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Spanish, and English (Special Education K-12 and History/Social Studies 7-12 are coming attractions for upcoming revised program).