It is important to understand the distinction between obtaining a degree from Central Connecticut State University and obtaining a teaching certificate from the State of Connecticut. Students seeking a degree in education should also understand the subject-matter major requirement that applies to all teacher candidates.

CCSU has the authority to grant a bachelor's degree to any student who successfully completes all the requirements of a particular program of study. A degree, however, does not automatically lead to a teaching certificate. 

The state of Connecticut grants the teaching certificate after a candidate:

  • Completes a bachelor's degree and an approved program of professional study;
  • Passes required tests for teachers; and
  • Is recommended by the Certification Officer in the office of the dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies.

School teachers in the state of Connecticut are required to have a major in a particular subject field. This is referred to as the subject-matter major. The various subject-matter majors are listed under Departments and Programs.
Therefore, CCSU teacher candidates seeking a degree in education must:

  • Successfully complete all professional course work and fieldwork experiences in education; and
  • Fulfill all requirements for a subject-matter major

Selective Admission to Professional Program for Teacher Certification
The state of Connecticut requires that students be admitted to teacher preparation programs only after they have met admission criteria. These criteria and the admission process are outlined in the link below. Admission as a student to CCSU does not automatically guarantee admission to a professional program. The selective admission process requires considerable advanced planning.