School of Engineering and Technology

Mission and Vision Statement


The School of Engineering and Technology at CCSU provides educational opportunities in an array of engineering, technological and scientific disciplines. The teaching and research of our faculty focus on both theory and its practical application to solving problems. We prepare students to meet dynamic engineering, technological and scientific challenges as leaders and members of engineering, technical, management, research, biomedical, and educational teams.


School of Engineering and Technology aspires to:

  • be recognized as the premier School of Engineering and Technology in the New England region, in both undergraduate and graduate education.
  • establish and maintain alliances with industry in order to be responsive to their needs.
  • ensure quality of education by maintaining accreditation from recognized national boards/associations for all appropriate programs.
  • hold teaching as our primary focus enhanced by the dynamic scholarship activities of our faculty.
  • actively recruit and retain a diverse population of students from a variety of educational backgrounds and life experiences.

Fulfilling the Mission

The School of Engineering and Technology imparts a general education through a combination of lecture and laboratory-based instruction that promotes experiential and life-long learning. We are committed to educating students to be professional, contributing members of the technological society. Included are civil, communications, construction, electronics, manufacturing, and mechanical fields in engineering, engineering technology, technology education, and technology management professions, in addition to biomolecular science related professions.

We insure that our programs are accessible to the highly diverse population of our service area by utilizing a variety of delivery methods. We work closely with secondary schools to encourage students to enter engineering, technological and scientific fields of study. We also maintain flexible articulation agreements with community colleges.

Students are our primary focus. Our low student-faculty ratio allows for individualized instruction and advising to encourage all students to reach their full intellectual and personal potential. Our curricula emphasize hands-on learning through laboratory instruction and independent student research. Students are encouraged to develop their professional skills through participation in extracurricular activities, clubs, honorary fraternities and professional organizations. Students can gain valuable professional experience through cooperative education and internship positions within a wide variety of Connecticut businesses.

The school and its faculty keep abreast of workforce needs through an array of alliances with local industries including providing on-site training, consulting, and working with advisory boards. In order to maintain programs of consistently high quality, responsive to industry needs and the rapidly changing technologies, the faculty participates in research and professional activities appropriate to their disciplines.

The School of Engineering and Technology maintains active involvement in professional associations, and maintains professional accreditation for all appropriate programs. We are striving to maintain a local, regional, and international presence through proactive recruitment of faculty and students and a strong commitment to continuous improvement.