Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee addresses the concerns of students. We work to ensure that students have the proper resources to have a fun and comfortable time on campus. We focus on events regarding student wellness and we also give students the opportunity to earn various scholarships. Visit the Student Government Association office (Student Center room 211) if you have any questions!

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee addresses matters of student concern in regards to academics at Central Connecticut State University including, but not limited to, curriculum, academic advising, academic standards, academic integrity, academic freedom, and textbook affordability.

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Committee addresses matters concerning policy at the town, state and federal level. The committee provides marketing and promotion on behalf of the Student Government Associations. In addition the committee focuses on providing a leadership conference opportunities open to students.

Finance Affairs

The Student Government Association's Finance Committee aims to provide clubs, organizations and initiatives with funding to enhance the student experience. The Finance Committee is responsible for budgeting, allocating and appropriating these funds on a weekly basis providing assessments and analysis of the current fiscal state of affairs. Additionally, the committee is responsible for meeting directly with students and assisting them to meet their needs and wants.

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs deals with the internal workings of Senate. Internal Affairs main responsibly it to review and amend the bylaws and constitution.

Elections Committee

The elections Committee coordinates all aspects of the Elections Process, including dates, guidelines and election violations.