Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee addresses the mental health and wellness concerns of our student body, usually through events. Student Life also oversees SGA scholarships and hosts Competition for a Cause to help supply local food banks.

Chair: Jamie Carbone (
Vice-Chair: Kristina Rodrigues ( )

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee makes strides in addressing textbook affordability, working with organizations to transition CCSU course textbooks to opensource equivalents through the coordination of textbook symposiums, faculty grants, and awards. The committee has also addressed other student concerns including matters relating to curriculum, academic policy, standards, integrity, and freedom.

Chair: Johanna Zukowski ( )
Vice-Chair: Jacquelyn Daniels (

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Committee is the primary public outreach channel for the Student Government Association. The committee focuses on major initiatives throughout the year, ranging from marketing all of SGA's events to coordinating several volunteer efforts throughout the community. The commitee facilitates all the promotional items and runs all of the social media accounts. Public Affairs covers all areas of outreach which arise.

Chair: Chris Theriault (
Vice-Chair: Kate Lyn Nol (

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee's main task is to financially assist clubs so that they can achieve all of their goals. Whether it is attending conferences, hosting events, or having food at meetings, the committee does their best to ensure that students are getting the most out of their time at CCSU.

Chair: Kristina DeVivo (
Vice-Chair: Nicole Elsinger (

External Affairs Committee

The External Affairs Committee presents a united front on behalf of the students of CCSU and shall act on all matters concerning law and policy at the town, state, and federal level that would affect the students of CCSU.

Chair: Roshanay Tahir ( )
Vice-Chair: Matt Kuroghlian ( )

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs deals with the internal workings of Senate. Internal Affairs main responsibly it to review and amend the bylaws and constitution.

Chair: Danté Solano (
Vice-Chair: Colin Savino (