Meet Your Senators!


Name: Jahmil Effend
Fun Fact: My favorite song is "Someone Like You" by Adele
Why SGA?: believe that this organization has the largest scope and the magnitude of the beneficial footprint we can leave on this community is worth the service.

Vice President

Name: Christopher Cappiello
Fun Fact: I am the president of the Karate Club
Why SGA?: I joined SGA because wanted to increase funding to all clubs and stop arbitrary budget cuts


Name: Brendan Kruh
Fun Fact: I like visiting art galleries and complaining.
Why SGA?: I joined SGA because wanted to increase funding to all clubs and stop arbitrary budget cuts

Vice Chair of Public Affairs

Name: Tiffany Aguilera
Fun Fact: I like dancing in the pouring rain.
Why SGA?: I joined SGA because I want to make a positive impact on campus.

Name: Ben Alexander
Fun Fact: I've been a Police Explorer for 8 years.
Why SGA?:I joined sga because I wanted to make a difference and use my voting to help the student body on campus.

Name: Sedina Begic
Fun Fact: I love parasailing
Why SGA?: I chose SGA because it allows me to be the person I always wanted to be.

Name: Gabriella Bierwirth
Fun Fact:: I'm a red belt in Karate
Why SGA?: I want to give clubs as much as possible to make sure they reach their full potential.

Chair of Academic Affairs

Name: Wyatt Bosworth
Fun Fact: I was famous on Club Penguin.
Why SGA?: To help improve the quality of life and academic resources for CCSU students.

Name: Damal Britto

Name: Jalal Butt
Fun Fact:
Why SGA?: I wanted to be a part of the effort to put Central Connecticut State University at the forefront of academic advancement.

Name: Joseph Carangui
Fun Fact:: I am Hispanic, but cannot consume spicy food (paradox)
Why SGA?: I joined SGA because I believe it will guide me to the right direction in what I want to do for my future occupation as I am a Political Science Major.

Name: John Coleman
Fun Fact: I know a lot about dairy cows.
Why SGA?: I want to make CCSU a better place for every student.

Name: Tania Correa
Fun Fact: I like sour candy and spicy food
Why SGA?: I had a great experience being part of SGA at the previous school that I attended that was private. I was curious to see how at a state school operated and I am always looking for opportunities to help others.

Name: Marissa Cusano
Fun Fact:I have had four concussions from playing softball. I am also accident prone.
Why SGA?:I wanted to make a difference here at CCSU. I also wanted to represent my sorority on campus!

Name: Miriam Desgazon
Fun Fact:: I like coconut water.
Why SGA?:I want to make a change to better student's experience here at Central.

Vice Chair of Finance

Name: Stephen Dew
Fun Fact:I am a HUGE fan of Frank Sinatra
Why SGA?:To improve the lives of students on campus.

Chair of Public Affairs/Vice Chair of Elections Committee

Name: Kassandra Fruin
Fun Fact: I met John Mayer in Central Park over the summer!
Why SGA?:I joined SGA my first year to be the voice of the students and to inspire our students to be fierce leaders and feel proud to be a Blue Devil.

Chair of Student Life

Name: Amanda Gorman
Fun Fact: I love cats and making people smile
Why SGA?: I love CCSU and want to make sure that everyone is feels at home on this campus.

Name: Jacob Goulas
Fun Fact: My favorite animals are penguins and otters.
Why SGA?: I wanted to represent my fraternity on campus and give the student body a voice.

Vice Chair of Student Life

Name: Zoe Grant
Fun Fact:
Why SGA?:

Name: Sawera Hussan
Fun Fact: I am 5 feet and 9 inches, making me the tallest female cousin on both my mom's & dad's side of the family.
Why SGA?:I joined SGA to gain leadership skills and to be an active student on campus.

Vice Chair of Internal Affairs

Name: Mohammed Khan
Fun Fact: I can do the wave with my eyebrows.
Why SGA?: I wanted to make CCSU more interconnected.

Name: Akai Long
Fun Fact: I'm called 'The Great Akai' because I'm great!
Why SGA?: At first, I joined student government as a joke, but then I realized I could push my philosophical agenda! (as well as represent my club!).

Name: Christopher Marinelli
Fun Fact: I really love cats!!!
Why SGA?: I joined SGA to represent students in food plans and events.


Name: Estefania Maya
Fun Fact: I walk on my tip-toes
Why SGA?: I joined SGA to make CCSU a place where students can thrive in their academics.

Name: Patrick McSherry
Fun Fact: My favorite color is green
Why SGA?: I wanted to help the student life on campus.

Name: Thomas Mitchell
Fun Fact:
Why SGA?: I joined SGA two primary reasons. One is to maximize the nutritional values our dining services offer. The other is to further my experience and passion for serving the student population as I have done it prior at Salve Regina University!

Name: Caitlin Moreau
Fun Fact:
Why SGA?:

Name: Jailene Nazario
Fun Fact: I love to hike
Why SGA?: I joined SGA because I love to help others as much as a can and make an impact!

Name: Brian Nwafor
Fun Fact: I have many nicknames, but some people call me "Waffles" or "Prince of Nigeria." Disclaimer: I am not a prince!
Why SGA?: To provide students at CCSU with an education that is purposeful and economical.


Name: Eric Ott
Fun Fact: I am a member of the History Club
Why SGA?:

Name: Danielle Plaskonka
Fun Fact: I love to travel
Why SGA?: I joined SGA to make a positive impact on the CCSU community.

Name: Dajana Sejdiraj
Fun Fact: I moved to the US in 2009.
Why SGA?: When my sister attended central and she was a part of SGA so I wanted to follow in her footsteps and join just like she did.

Name: Ariana Simeone
Fun Fact:
Why SGA?: