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The Entrepreneurship concentration prepares students for entrepreneurial careers in a new venture creation or managing family-owned or other small business enterprises. The program provides a basic foundation in the knowledge necessary to search for and evaluate new venture opportunities, and to finance, operate and manage new or growing businesses. Students are required to complete a field study experience.


Students must complete the School of Business 27-credit Common Business Core plus the following 30 credits:

ENT 301Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation3
ENT 305Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures3
ENT 320Managing a Growing Business3
ENT 499Field Studies in Entrepreneurship3
Directed Electives 9
Business Electives 9
Total 30
Directed Business Electives

The Entrepreneurship program requires completion of 9 credits selected from the following list of courses:

AC 301Cost Accounting I3
AC 420Managerial Analysis and Cost Control3
FIN 301Intermediate Managerial Finance3
FIN 310Principles of Investments3
MGT 305Human Resource Management3
MGT 426Business Organizational Behavior3
MKT 305Consumer Behavior3
MKT 340Product Development/Management3
MKT 423Marketing Research3
MKT 430Sales Technique and Training3
Total 9


Business Electives

Students must complete 9 credits of 300- or 400-level courses offered by the School of Business (if prerequisite(s) are met) - only to be determined in consultation with advisor.

Business Electives total

Interested in Entrepreneurship

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