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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a CSMP scholarship?
Please see the Application section of this web site.
Who is eligible for a CSMP scholarship?
Scholarship eligibility criteria are outlined in the Requirements section of this web site.
Do I need to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?
Yes, you must have a demonstrated financial need to be eligible for a CSMP scholarship. Financial need (FN) is determined by CCSU cost of attendance (COA) and your estimated family contribution (EFC) as follows:


Please refer to the CCSU Office of Financial Aid for more information.

How much funding can I receive through the CSMP scholarship program?
You can receive up to $5,400 per year, for up to four years. Specific scholarship amount will be determined by the amount of federal financial aid for which you qualify. If you enter this scholarship program in your freshman year and qualify for the full amount ($5,400) every year while meeting scholarship eligibility requirements, it is possible that you will receive over $21,000 during four years.
If I receive a CSMP scholarship, where this money can be applied to?
You can use the scholarship funds to pay tuition, buy books, pay for room and board, and other educational expenses.
Can this scholarship be renewed?
Yes, the scholarship can be renewed. Performance and eligibility of all scholars will be reviewed every semester. Upon a successful review, scholarships will be renewed for the next semester for a total of up to four years.
Can I receive this scholarship for a summer semester?
No, this scholarship is only available in fall and spring semesters.
Can I receive other scholarships and financial aid if I receive a CSMP scholarship?
Yes. Receipt of this scholarship does not prevent you from obtaining other scholarships offered by CCSU. However, there is a possibility that loans and other federal funding you receive may be reduced.
Once I receive the scholarship, what do I have to do as a CSMP Scholar?
  1. Meet all requirements of the scholarship renewal criteria;
  2. Meet with your designated CSMP faculty mentor on a monthly basis;
  3. Regularly attend meeting of CSMP scholars. These meetings will include seminars on technical topics as well as informal meetings to help you learn about the university resources and how to be successful in your program of study;
  4. Participate in professional development activities;
  5. Participate in the program assessment activities, which may include filling out a survey and completing an interview with a member of the program management team.

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