Assessment in Student Affairs - Goals

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Goals and Learning Outcomes

Division of Student Affairs Goals:

  • To prepare students to make a successful transition to the CCSU campus
  • To promote retention and graduation by fostering a sense of community
  • To promote the development of ethical, responsible standards among students
  • To encourage students to respect and appreciate individual differences
  • To educate students on healthy and safe lifestyle choices
  • To encourage the growth of interpersonal and social development of students
  • To facilitate active learning through collaborations between Academic and Student Affairs
  • To create student involvement opportunities that advance student learning

Student Affairs Learning Outcomes:

1. Retention and Graduation (student success)

  • Students will actively engage in the CCSU community
  • Students will demonstrate leadership skills

2. Community Engagement

  • Students will actively engage in community service
  • Students will apply sustainable practices

3. Collaborations between Academic and Student Affairs

  • Students will express satisfaction and learning through participation

4. Diversity

  • Students will value differences in others

5. Safety, Health, and Wellness

  • Students will identify campus resources that will lead to healthy lifestyle choices