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Student Affairs Assessment Team Leaders
Jean Alicandro
Director, Residence Life
(860) 832-1664

Yvonne Kirby
Director, Institutional Research & Assessment
(860) 832-1784
Student Affairs Assessment Team
Dr. Laura Tordenti
Vice President for Student Affairs
(860) 832-1608

Ramón Hernández
Associate Dean of Students, Student Affairs
(860) 832-1619

Dr. Jacqueline Harris
Director, Student Wellness Services
(860) 832-1934

Scott Hazan
Director, Student Activities and Leadership Development
(860) 832-1992

Otis Mamed
Director, Student Center
(860) 832-1984

Valerie Hamilton-Brodie
Coordinator, Disability Services
(860) 832-1957

Christian Gutierrez
Coordinator, Veterans Affairs
(860) 832-1869