Commuter Outreach

A commuter student is someone that does not live in a Residence Hall. You are indeed a commuter if you live just across the street from campus (a Resi-muter?), ten miles away, or in another town or city. This makes you a commuter.

There are many differences between commuters: age, racial/ethnic identity, family status, working status, how you get to campus, the distance you travel, and so much more. But no matter what the difference is, commuter students have many of the same concerns. If you are concerned about how you are getting to campus check out that link. You also might think about your time management, what you can do to get involved with campus life, how you can meet others, and so much more, Commuter Outreach is here to help you.

There are several offices of the Student Affairs division that strive to provide services and programs to assist commuting students to have full participation in campus life at CCSU. The department of Student Activities/Leadership Development is your resource to getting involved in student leadership positions and activities. Commuter students have representation in various organizations like the Student Government Association and the Student Union Board of Governors. SUBOG provides funding for programs for our commuting students which are held periodically throughout the year. At the beginning of each semester, the Student Center will host a social to give commuting students an opportunity to meet other commuters and learn of services on campus.

We have auto emergency equipment on loan from the Student Center Information Desk, meal plan options, UPASS (ride CTTransit free!) service, use of recreational facilities, and access to all academic and personal support services. If you have any questions about services available to commuting students, please stop by the Student Center Department office or call us at (860) 832-1960.