Salary Calculator for 2015
Jon Derman, our SUOAF-BOR Chapter President has graciously provided a salary calculator for this years raise, should you be interested in predicting this information for yourself. You will need your current rank as well as your bi-weekly salary to use the calculator below.

June 2015

Salary Grid

Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Eligibility for Merit Raises

SUOAF Local Agreement August 2011

SEBAC Agreement 2011

Our last agreement with the Governor and Legislature returning $2 billion in savings per year to the State of CT

Collective Bargaining Agreement 2007 - 2011 (external site, PDF Form)

Grievance Fact Gathering Sheet
Fill out this form to help gather facts about your concern to see if you have a grievance.

Grievance Filing Form
Fill out this form with a steward, once you know you have a potential grievance.

Constitution (PDF Form)

Flex Time Agreement 10/07 (PDF Form)

Violence in the Workplace Manual
There is a difference between a hostile work environment (sexual harrassment) and being threatened in the workplace.

Weingarten Rights

Loudermill Rights

NEW State of CT Drug Maintenance Network 11-30-11

CSU Fact Sheet (for talking with anyone about why we're valuable!)

Talk to your state representatives! How to contact them below:

Equity in Retirement:

Interested in getting on the mailing list for the Connecticut Committee for Equity in Retirement (which is a statewide ad hoc committee organized to work on the inequities of the ARP system), you can send an email to Jim Russell at and simply ask to be put on the list.