The Department of Teacher Education invites you to explore the many programs we offer to students pursuing initial teaching certification, as well as those designed for teachers and other educators who wish to continue their study of education through advanced degrees.

Our undergraduate programs include:

Elementary Education

For students who wish to teach in elementary schools and middle schools.

Secondary Education

For students who wish to teach in high schools.

K-12 Programs

For students who wish to teach art, physical education, music, or technology education.

We also have graduate programs in:

Elementary Education

For teachers who wish to pursue a master's degree in Elementary Education.

Early Childhood Education

For people who wish to pursue amaster's in Early Childhood Education.

Educational Studies

The Educational Studies program has two strands:

Strand I: Educational Studies with Discipline-Specific Specialization. A master's degree program for teachers and education professionals

Strand II: Secondary Education. For teachers who wish to pursue a master's degree in Secondary Education.

Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T)

For individuals with a bachelor’s degree in particular subject areas seeking certification and a master's degree.

Post-Baccalaureate Certification

For individuals who have completed a bachelor degree and want to pursue certification.

All of our programs share the common theme of "Preparing Professionals for Service in our Communities." In our programs, both undergraduate and graduate students are prepared to be reflective and collaborative problem-solvers who are able to facilitate diverse and inclusive learning communities.

We hope you will explore our programs. If at any time you wish more information, contact the Department of Teacher Education at (860) 832-2421.

Department Mission Statement

The Department of Teacher Education is committed to the unifying theme, “Developing Teacher Leaders and Other Professionals for All Learning Communities in a Changing World.” We are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of a liberal education combined with professional development for all our pre-service and in-service teachers. Our students will have research-based knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to support all learners and to thrive in the classroom. They will be compassionate and caring role models, advocates for their students, voices for social justice, and global citizens who understand difference and diversity as foundations for learning and teaching, and strive to improve the world in which we live.