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Project Overview: The goal of this project is to assist developing communities to have reliable, efficient and cost effective access to the Internet and other Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services. These services are essential to the educational and socio-economic development of the community. As our pilot project, we will be working with the University of Education-Winneba and the University of Cape Coast, both in Ghana. This pilot project is motivated by the fact that currently the extreme high cost of bandwidth in Africa as compared to rest of the world not only limits access to the technologies necessary for educational and other socio-economic development but takes away the basic capital needed for development in general. more ....


University of Cape Coast

Project Objectives:

  • Assist developing communities, in Africa, to have affordable access to the Internet and other telecommunication services for education and other socio-economic developments.

  • Engage in a comprehensive study to research different potential technologies to access Internet at affordable price.

  • Promote effective dissemination of information in developing countries.

  • Promote best practices in using internet and related technologies in education and other areas of economic development.

  • Bring students in developing and developed communities to work together engage in cultural and technological exchange. more....

News and information: Learn about available technologies; Wireless Technology;


University of Education, Winneba

Project Impact: Through this pilot project, local personnel and students will be able to maintain and manage their ICT (Internet and Communication Technology) resources. Education will be improved as access to educational material on the Internet is provided. Furthermore, ICT trained students and teachers will become local ICT resources in rural communities where they work and spread the use of ICT for socio-economic developments. Research on this project will provide a blue print for inexpensive access to technology. Moreover, this project can assist to improve economic environment of the community through improving ICT infrastructure. American students and faculty working together with their counterparts in developing countries will gain valuable social skills as well  experience in practical application of their knowledge.


The children take to it rapidly
"Without the internet the world would be boring. I wouldn't get such good marks for my school projects "  Abednigo Tau