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Welcome to the Biomolecular Sciences Department!


The Biomolecular Sciences Department offers instruction in molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, and physiology that is strongly integrated with the theory and practice of molecular biological research. The Department offers B.S. degrees in Biomolecular Sciences, and participates in an additional interdisciplinary program leading to a B.S. degree in Biochemistry. In addition, the Department offers a Minor in Biomolecular Science, appropriate for students with majors other than biomolecular science. There are also two graduate programs, the M.A. in Biomolecular Sciences and the Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Cell and Molecular Biology. Members of the Department are also active in the Pre-Health Advisory Committee, which offers the Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Pre-health Studies.

Student-centered research is a feature of all undergraduate programs in Biomolecular Sciences. Located in Copernicus Hall, the Biomolecular Sciences Department includes a wide range of modern research equipment in laboratories designed both for class instruction and for independent student research. Special facilities include a protein purification and analysis facility, a cell culture facility, a molecular genetics research laboratory, a laboratory animal care suite, a microbiology lab (certified by the Connecticut State Department of Public Health), and a computer laboratory. Student-centered biomolecular research activity is also promoted, fostered, and supported by the Biotechnology Institute at CCSU, an interdisciplinary organization (housed in the Biomolecular Sciences Department) that is dedicated to developing college graduates with excellent research skills. The Biomolecular Sciences Department is strongly committed to student advising, and routinely promotes and participates in academic and extracurricular activities aimed at facilitating student learning and success.

How to Find Us

The Department office is Rm 204 in Copernicus Hall. That's where you'll find the Department Secretary, Nancy Ptak ( She answers the phone at 832-3560 and the fax at 832-3562. It's also the home of Dr Kathy Martin, the (new) Chair of Biomolecular Sciences. The BMS faculty offices and labs are all on the second and third floors of Copernicus Hall (see the "Faculty" link below).

How to Find Out More About Us

The links below will let you learn more about the programs and courses, the faculty, and other features of the BMS department. Check out the Recent Department News as well (updated October 13, 2011).


Links to Pages on the BMS Websites

crystalballThe BMS Curriculum Crystal Ball! All is revealed...
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redballUndergraduate Programs:
yellowball BMS Courses (links directly to CCSU Banner online Catalog)

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yellowball BMS Courses Offered in Winter 2012 (links directly to CCSU Banner schedule pages)
greenballFaculty in the Department
Contact information, courses taught, research programs
blueballGraduate Programs: blueballBMS Masters Thesis Guidelines
yellowball The BMS Student Portfolio 
An introduction to the Portfolio required of all students in BMS
greenball Research Meetings (the Friday Seminar Series) for Fall 2011
(courses BMS 190, 290; also BMS faculty and students)
yellowball BMS Student Tutors, Fall 2011
Tutors are available in the SET Student Services Center (Rm 241) for help and advice. This link takes you to their schedule and contact information.
greenballCareer Information
More school? Can I get in? Immediate employment? Can I get a job with my degree? What job? What to do???
greenballStudent Centered Research in Biomolecular Sciences cyanballThe Official School of Technology Biomolecular Sciences Homepage
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Recent Department News, Updated October 13, 2011

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