Office: Copernicus 344
Lab: Copernicus 316

Courses taught:

Research Interests

My primary research interest is in the intracellular regulation of cardiac rhythm and how this is altered to cause lethal arrhythmias. We have used ECG recordings from living rats to assay the effects of different physiological molecules on heart rate and regularity. Currently we are using biochemical assays of cardiac tissue and isolated cardiac myocytes to investigate phosphorylation pathways that affect cardiac rhythm

The other project in my lab is an investigation of heat shock protein expression in Atlantic bluefish. We are working with the National Marine Fisheries Lab at Sandy Hook New Jersey to determine if bluefish exposed to environmental pollutants, express the stress protein, Hsp 70. Students working on this project do SDS-PAGE and Western blots of bluefish tissue to determine Hsp 70 expression by sampling area.

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Revised January 11, 2005