Office: Copernicus 346
Lab: Copernicus 358 or 316 860-832-2660

Courses taught:

Research Interests:

I study cell-cell interactions and cell-extracellular matrix interactions. Specifically, my lab examines the role of the integrin family of cell adhesion proteins. We look at adhesion formation, the constituents of focal adhesions, and cellular migration. To this aim we use a F9 teratocarcinoma cell line grown in culture right here at CCSU. These cells allow us to examine the cellular interactions during the earliest stages of development up to and including fetal implantation. Currently, we are focusing on the role of the tetraspanin protein CD9 and its role in modulating b1 integrin mediated parietal endoderm migration. In addition, we are investigating the interactions between integrin and other cell surface proteins such as EGF, syndecans, and matrix proteases.

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Revised June 16, 2005