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Biomolecular Sciences Research Meetings
Fall 2011

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Every week, BMS 190, Introduction to Research I, and BMS 290, Introduction to Research II, will meet together for an hour's discussion related to Departmental research activities and the Student Portfolio requirement. Also in attendance will be students engaged in Independent Research projects (BMS 390, 491, 499, 591, 599) in the BMS faculty research labs, along with any other students interested in research in the Department

The schedule for Fall 2011 is shown below. As you can see, there are a few non-research directed activities, and some speakers are from outside the BMS Department. Meetings will be Fridays, from 2:40 to 3:40 pm in NC 231 & 232. Refreshments will be provided before the seminars.

Date Speaker(s) Topic(s)
Sept 2 BMS Faculty Welcome to Biomolecular Sciences, Meet 'N Greet
Sept 9 BMS Faculty and Students "Wet Lab" Tours
Sept 16 Cheryl Watson Cardiac Fibroblasts: Master Regulators
Sept 23 Betsy Dobbs-McAuliffe Using Zebrafish to Study Cell Differentiation
Sept 30 Kathy Martin Studying Development
Oct 7 Jim Mulrooney The Role of Cell-Cell Interactions in PE Sheet Migration
Oct 14 (TBA) (TBA)
Oct 21 Dr Bertram Nicholas St Joseph’s School of Pharmacy Program
Oct 28 BMS Faculty (No Seminar - Academic Advising for the Spring 2012 Term)
Nov 4 Michael Davis Bioremediation of Gasoline Contaminated Soil
Nov 11 Marty Kapper Cell Biology of Adaptation
Nov 18 Barry Hoopengardner RNA Editing: Discovery and Characterization
Dec 2 BMS Faculty and Students BMS 390/491 Student Research Presentation Day


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