Institute for Tourism & Hospitality Research

The availability of accurate and timely empirical information is critical to the sustainability of contemporary tourism and hospitality organizations: problem solving, forecasting for proactive initiatives, and an assessment of the overall health of the organization. Accordingly, the Institute of Tourism & Hospitality was created in 2001 to offer Research and Consulting services to tourism-hospitality organizations (profit and non-profit) operating in the State of Connecticut.

Housed in the School of Business, the Institute offers expertise in the following areas: market research, data analysis, quantitative decision-making, service quality, entrepreneurship, product development, lean accounting, management processes, informatics, law, employee training, and curricula design. In the process, the Institute will involve the student body in the outreach program of the University and thus provide an introduction and experience in the tourism-hospitality industry. So, please do not hesitate to call us to discuss how we could help.


1. Our mission
To help Connecticut's tourism & hospitality organizations grow.

2. Our vision
To be recognized by tourism & hospitality organizations in CT. as the resource center for organizational growth.

3. Our motto
"We could help you grow".

4. Our product
Tourism-Hospitality Research, Training, and Consulting services.
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5. Our team
Nationally selected and proven faculty at CCSU assisted by committed students.
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6. Our guarantee
We will give our best. If you are not satisfied, we will re-work until you are.

7. The Benefits You Get:
Proprietary information to grow your business
Sponsoring a public university
A tax deductible investment.

Howook "Sean" Chang, DBA
Director, Institute for Tourism & Hospitality Research.
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography
Tel: (860) 832-2782