What is Tutoring?

A peer tutor is a student who:

  • Possesses experience and knowledge in a subject area, exceptional study skills, and is able to use that experience and knowledge to guide others.  

  • Create a comfortable, supportive atmosphere for practicing those skills and helps other students work towards mastery of the content material.


Tutors will help you:

  • By modeling appropriate learning strategies/study skills

  • Interpret and clarify specific topic concepts

  • Identify other resources such as prerequisite texts, courses, online support and faculty.

  • Review past exams to improve preparation for future exams. 



A student requesting tutoring assistance should:

  • Come prepared with lecture notes and textbooks

  • Have tried the material on their own - have questions ready

  • Be willing to workin a group setting 


 Tutors will not be able to:

  • Help students cram for tests

  • Correct or help with graded assignments - instead can help with similar problems

  • Reenact the professor's lecture - go to class!

  • Provide remediation for students who do not have the appropriate background for the course in which they are enrolled