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Finish in 4


Our commitment to your success begins with providing you the tools and the support to complete your degree, and to do so in four years. Whether you choose to “finish in 4” or need to take longer, we’re here to help!

To learn more, click on the links (in bold) below:

• The Center for Advising and Career Exploration (CACE) will help you select the right courses from the beginning and develop an academic plan to match your interests and passion.
Academic Maps will show you how you can complete your degree in 8 semesters.
• The Early Academic Alert System will notify you when you need to focus on improving your course work.
• An Academic Success Coach in The Learning Center will be your partner, cheerleader, and personal guide for achieving academic goals and thriving in college.
• Our student clubs and organizations will provide 125+ opportunities to engage with the campus and be much more likely to not only complete your degree on time but also to learn more and have fun doing it!
• Our First-Year Housing and our Living Learning Communities are designed to help you focus on education and learn from other students who share your interests.