David S. FearonProfessor Fearon came to Central Connecticut State University in 1986, serving as Chairman of the Management and Organization Department from 1987-1990. He became a tenured Professor of Management in 1996.

He is keenly interested in learning and teaching how managerial and organizational knowledge is created and enacted in the workplace for productive and profitable work. His specialty in the organizational behavior of learning for innovation is grounded in degrees in Sociology from Colby College and Educational Leadership from Central Michigan University and his PhD from the University of Connecticut.

A proud recipient of the University's Excellence in Teaching Award, his workshops and consultations are organized as an on-going experiment to discover optimal learning designs matching how people in the best companies work, manage, learn and grow. Courses in innovation, quality, knowledge management, quality, strategy & operations, organizational behavior and management fundamentals also serve as primary laboratories for his published works on effective organizational and managerial learning behaviors on the job, online, and in the classroom.

Dr. Fearon lives in New Hartford, Connecticut with his wife of 42 years, Connie. Their son David is in Santa Barbara, California and their daughter Laura is in Jackson, Wyoming.

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