Kelley HedleyKelley Hedley is a Director at the Travelers Insurance Company in Hartford, CT. She has been at the Travelers for over 20 years and a graduate of the Travelers Information Technology Leadership Development program. Through her time at Travelers, Kelley was responsible for the successful planning and execution of many IT and Business projects while bridging the communication between the business and IT areas. Currently she manages and oversees a team which leads critical business process projects.

While at Travelers Kelley was the first Team Central lead, where she developed and nurtured the relationship between Travelers and CCSU School of Business.

She earned her degree in MIS from CCSU in 1997. She serves on the CCSU Alumni Association Board of Directors as the Secretary and also servers as the Chair for the CCSU School of Business Advisory and Advancement council.

She is an avid equestrian; who enjoys teaching students how to train their horses and training horses herself.

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