Daniel M. SiracusaJill Merriam has been the odd girl out since her college days where, unbeknownst to her, she began pounding on the glass ceiling as one of the few female finance majors in a, back then, vastly male discipline. Undeterred, she graduated and aimed for investment banking, successfully growing credentials at Credit Suisse First Boston, and eventually Microsoft where she created a reputation for being a hard worker, smart, capable and kind. Sitting around a Microsoft boardroom, she considered why not apply similar principles to the auto industry and reinvent the reputation of the car dealer and how business was done? Back in Connecticut, the family business was changing guards and the timing was perfect.

In 2002, Jill returned to Central Connecticut to start Key Hyundai of Manchester, and completely revamp the car business with strong personality marketing and a mission to be a solution provider, and never a product pusher. By focusing on solving the customer's transportation needs, she has built a strong and loyal customer base, and employs nearly 100 Connecticut residents who follow her strong lead.

A financial whiz, CT small business success, soccer mom, and local radio Dealer For The People, Jill takes her position as the car dealer mom quite seriously, working passionately every day to ensure her customers, employees and community are well taken care of. “We live and work in Connecticut, and I love it here. It's my goal to reach out to the community and give back in a substantial and positive way every single day.”

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