Raquel KennedyRaquel Kennedy has over 30 years of experience working with and in the public and private sector.  A native of Argentina, she was fortunate to have emigrated to  the United States as a child and grew up in Waterbury.  Attaining a B.A.  from Eastern Connecticut State University, she was selected as a HUD Fellow and received her MPA from the Barney School at the University of Hartford.

Alianza–US  is a vibrant, task oriented, minority woman owned small  business  designed to provide outstanding  management support, business development, logistical  planning, training and research to  government and commercial customers. The fifteen year old company has provided project planning, outreach and program development to government, nonprofits and corporations.

Victory Energy Solutions is an Energy Efficiency and Home Performance servicing Connecticut and Massachusetts. Founded in 2009 by Ms. Kennedy, Paul Keyes and Michael Gionfriddo in 2009 the company was the first multicultural firm in the energy sector with a vision to provide opportunities in the growing energy sector to a diverse employee community and to promote social marketing and community outreach as a way of promoting the energy efficiency opportunities in Connecticut.

Raquel Kennedy has been active in Connecticut and Massachusetts communities and boards that embrace her core values of providing education and economic opportunities to promote small business especially to woman and minorities.

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