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Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that focuses on the experiences of women in society and history.  Initially conceived as a method to include women's contributions to knowledge and culture into education, it has evolved into a mature field that draws on feminist theories and scholarship in order to analyze how systems of gender have shaped women's experiences in areas such art, literature, history, the family, science and other dimensions of daily life.  As the mission statement of the National Women's Studies Association indicates, Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies has as its vision a world free from sexism and racism.  

At Central, it is a program that you can select as your concentration.  We offer courses that draw on the resources of many different traditional departments, and we also offer two "stand alone" classes: WGSS 200 Introduction to Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and WGSS 400 Feminist Theory.   When you take a course in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, you will take a course with some of the best and most dynamic teachers on the Central campus.  Browse our course listings, check out what our faculty are doing.  We also periodically sponsor lectures and events (especially in March, National Women's History Month) and hold an annual conference in April.  Any questions?  Contact the coordinator of the program; she would be happy to help.

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Coordinator: Dr. Heather Munro Prescott, (860) 832-2809, prescott@ccsu.edu


The Committee on the Concerns of Women and the Ruth Boyea Women's Center Present Annual Women's History Month Luncheon
Date:  Tuesday, March 10. Time:  Noon. Location: Alumni Hall
Speaker:  Documentary filmmaker Judith Helfand, Professor of Film and Television, New York University
Title:  "Don't Shoot the Messenger: Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet"
Tickets for lunch:  $20.00, available at Centix in the Student Center.  There will also be seats available for those who want to hear the lecture without purchasing lunch.
At 2pm, in Bellin, Dr. Helfand will introduce and screen her latest film, "Everything's Cool," which describes growing concern about global warming in the wake of the most dangerous chasm ever to emerge between scientific understanding and political action.  The film is free and open to the public.


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Faculty affiliated with our program:

Elizabeth Aaronsohn  Teacher Ed
Abigail Adams                     Anthropology

Karen Beyard                          

Ed Leadership
Joanne DiPlacido         Psychology
Christine Doyle-Scott          English
Mary Erdmanns                    Sociology
Mary Ertel                              Sociology
Carol Ford                             Psychology
Susan Gilmore                      English
Eleanor Godway                    Philosophy
Jessica Greenebaum           Sociology
Paloma LaPuerta                    Modern Languages
Betsy Kiminski Sociology
Kristine Larsen                     Physics and Earth Sciences
Laura Levine                         Psychology
Margaret  Levvis                   Nursing
Penelope Lisi                        Educational Leadership
Melissa Mentzer                    English
Angela Morales                     Modern Languages
Antonia Moran                       Political Science
Laura Perdue                        Psychology
Evelyn Phillips                       Anthropology
Cynthia Pope                        Geography
Heather Munro Prescott                  History
Karen Ritzenhoff                   Communication
Glenn Sunshine                     History
Lillian Uribe                           Modern Languages
Martha Wallach                      Modern Languages
Cindy White                          Communication
Robert Wolff                           History