A modest collection of resources on-line to support African studies

Local resources for African studies at C.C.S.U.
AfricaUpdate newsletter on-line archive.
African and African Diaspora Studies at Tulane University
African & African Diaspora Studies
Maimouna Keita School of African Dance - African Dance & Cultural Events
African Dance & Culture

Royal African Dance Group

Search engines for locating on-line information
AltaVista. Quick search of the full text of web pages and usenet messages.
CERN WWW Virtual Library.
Savvy Search combines many search engines into a unified interface.
Veronica searches gopher servers.
WAIS directory-of-servers index to search WAIS-indexed FTP servers.
Access to on-line discussion forums locate Listserv lists.
Search for Mailing Lists is a database of listserv, major demo and list pro mailing lists.
Excite USENET Search of USENET discussions.
Finding people
Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists.
University Phone Directory.
Four11 is a large e-mail white pages.
UseNet-Addresses Database of anyone who has ever posted a message to a UseNet forum.
Subject trees
WWW Virtual Library.
EINet Galaxy.
Univ. of Michigan Clearinghouse.

African Studies Program
African Studies Committee
Africa Update
African American Studies
Africana Center
African Sculpture
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