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Connecticut's Outstanding Biology Teacher Award

Congratulations to Dr. Kristina Gremski Ardito!

The National Association of Biology Teachers has named Dr. Kristina Gremski Ardito Connecticut’s Outstanding Biology Teacher of the Year. Kristina teaches students through storytelling, analysis of information, and critical thinking. She believes science education should be discovery driven where observations lead to questions that are answered through the examination of data, and if the topic is complex will initiate further questions and deeper exploration. A published research scientist herself, Kristina applies the scientific method to the phenomena that she shares with her class. Kristina enjoys the act of wrestling with ideas and delights in seeing her students actively wrestling, debating, and discoursing over observed phenomena. Students love Dr. Gremski Ardito for her well-planned lessons, skill at creating innovative thought-provoking lessons, her warm personality, and her attentiveness. One student wrote "I have never considered myself a STEM person, but your class and your teaching methods have made me feel so much more confident in my abilities. You create such a warm, positive environment in your classes, and Bio was definitely the class I looked forward to the most this year."

Kristina is a gifted writer, thinker, and scholar and expects her students to become big thinkers and efficient writers. Currently, the Chair of the Upper School Science Department at Sacred Heart, Greenwich, Kristina creates lessons that are socially-relevant, such as the importance of vaccines, the advantages and risks of genetic modification, the social construct of race, and even how to reconcile faith and evolution. Her innovative lessons are collaborative and interdisciplinary efforts designed so that all students, not just science students practice analytical thinking.  Kristina draws inspiration from her own research, faculty in other departments, students in her classroom, popular books, Facebook groups such as the “Metacognition & Metacognitive Strategies”,  “Standards Based Learning and Grading”, “Coalition of Anti-Racist Biology Teacher’s”, and “HHMI Biointeractive” which allow teachers to share ideas and strategies, as well as attending a multitude of conferences. A Sacred Heart colleague, Linda Vasu, states “Kristina works with colleagues as thoughtfully as she does with students, always offering insights and ideas that shape new directions in thinking, teaching, and learning.”

Kristina, who has been teaching in Connecticut for the past 14 years, will be starting a new position this Fall at the Masters School in Dobbs Ferry, NY.  The Connecticut Association of Biology Teachers (CTABT) congratulates Kristina on her new position, and on winning the Outstanding Biology Teachers Award. We look forward to seeing her future innovative and multifaceted endeavors.


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