Members of the CTABT strive to promote the professional growth and development of biology teachers in Connecticut to enhance their effectiveness in the classroom and community.

CTABT Conferences

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Other Upcoming Events, Conferences and Workshops

HHMI Workshops:

We’re offering free workshops for high school and undergraduate life and environmental science educators! All workshops are online, facilitated by Ambassadors, and include opportunities to hear from expert educators, interact with BioInteractive resources, and network with and learn from other educators. Register for one today:

Using HHMI BioInteractive's Data Explorer to Examine Impacts of Poaching on Elephant Populations

June 21, 2021

Exploring HHMI BioInteractive Resources About Human Impact and Climate Change on Coral Reefs

June 24, 2021

Science Literacy: Reading Science and Assessing Resources with the “CRAP” Tool

June 29, 2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

July 17, 2021 and July 21, 2021

BioInteractive Across Scales: Uniting Molecular and Ecological Concepts Through The Principle of Regulation

July 22, 2021 and July 29, 2021

Scientific Figures: Pairing Data Points with Other BioInteractive Resources

July 27, 2021 and July 28, 2021

Using BioInteractive Resources To Explore The World of Viruses

August 03, 2021 and August 17, 2021

Using Gene Therapy to Teach The Central Dogma and Genetics

August 03, 2021 and August 31, 2021

Best Practices in Writing Selected-Response Assessment Items

August 06, 2021 and August 20, 2021

From Phenomenal Images to Phenomenal Lessons with HHMI BioInteractive Resources

August 19, 2021 and August 21, 2021

Student-Driven Inquiry: Using Science Practices to Explore Selection in Finches

August 28, 2021

Tips & Tricks for Integrating Online Tools with BioInteractive

September 18, 2021 and September 22, 2021

Got Data? Exploring Climate Change and Coral Bleaching with HHMI BioInteractive

September 21, 2021 and September 23, 2021


Wade Institute for Science Education

2021 Summer Professional Development Institutes

 Explore hands-on, minds-on, inquiry-based investigations and increase your STEM content knowledge during our virtual 2021 Summer Professional Development Institutes! Connect with scientists, engineers, and STEM professionals through live discussions and virtual site visits. Work with educators at our partner institutions to explore real-world phenomena through hands-on, minds-on investigations. Explore how to use these investigations with your students both in the classroom and remotely. Earn PDPs and optional graduate credits. Receive a toolkit containing materials to enable you to complete the inquiry-based, minds-on, hands-on investigations introduced during the course. As an added bonus, you will be invited to participate in optional field sessions with our partners during the 2021-2022 school year. All courses include 5 virtual sessions plus 15 hours of online learning.

Institutes provide an opportunity for you to increase your skills using phenomena-based inquiry investigations in the classroom and in synchronous and asynchronous remote settings. Learn more about each institute and register online at!

Contact us directly at to arrange a Customized Professional Learning Services program tailored to the professional learning needs of educators at your school!

Virtual Sessions June 21st – 25th
Seasons and Cycles: How Weather Affects Us and How We Affect the Weather

Virtual Professional Development Institute for Grades 3-8 Educators

Partners: Blue Hill Observatory & Science Center, The Ecotarium, GLOBE Mission Earth (Boston University)

Virtual Sessions July 19th – 23rd 

My Soda Bottle Ended Up Where? Exploring Plastic Problems and Solutions

Virtual Professional Development Institute for Grades 6-12 Educators

Partners: Beyond Benign, Salem Sound Coastwatch, wTe Corporation

Dates: Virtual Sessions July 7th, 9th, 12th, 14th & 16th 
How Does Your Dinner Grow? Exploring Connections Between Food Production and Sustainability

Virtual Professional Development Institute for Grades 6-12 Educators

Partners: Shelburne Farms, Massachusetts Farm to School

Dates: Virtual Sessions July 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th & 15th 
Landscapes on the Move: Investigating Geologic Formations and Processes 

Virtual Professional Development Institute for Grades 3-8 Educators

Partners: Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Lloyd Center for the Environment, Center for Coastal Studies Provincetown, Cape Cod Learning Tours

July 26-30

NSTA's STEM21: Virtual Event

Get ready for an exhilarating five days of innovation, inspiration, and connection at the NSTA STEM21 virtual conference. From thought-provoking presentations and sessions, to lively Marketplace partner workshops, to the latest teaching tools and techniques for an evolving educational landscape, NSTA STEM21 will provide YOU with the very best professional learning experience around! Each day of the five-day conference will concentrate on a different grade band or strand. Generate new ideas, share resources, and connect with colleagues in a collaborative space designed to promote community and create lasting experiences. More specific scheduling will be available in mid-June. For more information:

November 11- 14

2021 NABT Professional Developement Conference

Join other leaders in biology and life science education for presentations from renowned speakers, interactive workshops, and the special NABT events that you can't get anywhere else. If public health conditions allow, the NABT Conference will take place at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, Georgia from November 11 - 14, 2021. If alternative arrangements need to be made, we will communicate details as soon as possible. We appreciate your continued patience as the NABT team works on final details. Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks!

For more information:

Photos from Previous Events, Conferences and Workshops

June 12, 2015

Tour of Urban Oaks Organic Farm

March 15, 2014

Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) Eastern Regional Conference

October 18, 2013

Western New England Biology Educator’s Workshop






October 25, 2013

2013 OBTA Lecture Reception

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