UPBC 2019-2020 Documents

Budget Documents for Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020)

Please review these documents in light of the priorities in CCSU's Interim Strategic Plan. They are:
1) increased student enrollment;
2) maintaining academic excellence;
3) expanding community engagement; and,
4) developing additional sources of funding.

UPBC FY20 Budget Recommendations Memo
President Toro's Response to UPBC regarding FY20 Budget Recommendations
FY20 UPBC FINAL Recommendations-Decisions Tracking System

President Toro's Response to UPBC regarding FY19 one-time and base funding increases

Documents below are for reference.

FY20 Budget Calendar
FY20 Budget Instructions to Excomm Members
FY20 Budget Requests
FY20 Capital Requests
FY20 One-Time Requests
FY20 Contingency Plan Targets

Items listed below will be populated during the budget season, early in 2020

You should also review this Summary Document