UPBC Committee Membership 2020-2021

Elected teaching faculty Term Ending
Burlin Barr (English - AAUP)
Stephen Cohen (English - AAUP)
Drew Harris (Management & Organization - AUUP)
Jason Melnyk (Physical Education & Human Performance - AAUP)
Elisabeta Pana  (Finance - AAUP)
A. Fiona Pearson (Sociology - AAUP) (22)
Reginald Simmons (Criminology and Criminal Justice) (22)
Jason Snyder (Marketing - AAUP) (22)
Elected administrative faculty  
Justine Gamache (SEST - SUOAF - AFSCME) (21)
Scott Hazan (Student Activities/Leadership Development - SUOAF - AFSCME) (22)
Sarah Petras (Information Technology - SUOAF - AFSCME) (20)
Kathy Poirier (Student Center - SUOAF - AFSCME) (22)
Laurie Walter (Nursing - SUOAF - AFSCME) (23)
Lisa Washko  (Information Technology - SUOAF - AFSCME) (21)
Appointed students  
Gregory Goode - Student Government Association (21))
TBD -  Graduate Student Association
TBD - one part-time student recommended by the Student Government Association
Ex-Officio members  
David Dauwalder (Provost; ex-officio) - or designee
Marianne Fallon (Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs – Planning and Resources)
Ex-Officio members and committee support  
Yvonne Kirby (Associate Vice President of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness)  
Charlene Casamento (CFO)  


Jason Melnyk
Professor, Department of Physical Education & Human Performance

Jason Snyder, Professor, Marketing

Judy Hodgson, Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences

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