UPBC Officers

1. The Chair

a. shall call and preside over meetings

b. Shall draw up and circulate an agenda in advance of each meeting.

c. Shall represent UPBC in all University matters or provide for representation.

d. Shall serve a one-year term and may not serve more than three consecutive terms.

2. The Vice Chair

a. In the absence of the chair, the vice chair shall assume all of the chair's duties. If the chair cannot complete the term, then the vice chair shall become the chair for the remainder of the term.

b. If the vice chair is vacated prior to the expiration of the term, a special election shall be held at the next regularly scheduled meeting following normal procedures for electing officers.

c. Shall serve a one-year term and may not serve more than three consecutive terms.

3. The Secretary

a. Shall keep a record of the proceedings of each meeting, including a correct statement of every motion made and the manner in which it was disposed; the names of the members of all committees and of all other officers of the body; a true copy of every resolution acted upon, with the affirmative and negative votes cast thereon; and all other transactions of each session and its meetings.

b. Shall be responsible for maintaining the permanent records of UPBC and the distribution of UPBC minutes to all UPBC members and other required or interested parties within 10 days following the meeting.

c. By the second meeting of each academic year shall distribute copies of the charter of the UPBC and its mission to all members.


Jason Melnyk
Professor, Department of Physical Education & Human Performance

Jason Snyder, Professor, Marketing

Judy Hodgson, Lecturer, Mathematical Sciences

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