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Fall 2022 - Funding African Universities, ASA 2023 & Conversations with Professor Abdul Bangura

Vol. XXIX, ISSUE 3. Summer 2022 - Nigeria Security Crises; African Airlines

Spring 2022 - Pre-colonial Ibibioland, The African Origin of Civilization Exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum, New York; and Coping Strategies for Malaria

Winter 2022 - More on Ancient and Contemporary Sudan

Fall 2021 - African Treasures - Sudan: Ancient and Contemporary

Summer 2021 - African Treasures - Kwame Opoku's Quest for Justice

Spring 2021 - The 18th Annual Lecture on the AMISTAD by Prof. Amadu Kaba of Seton Hall University

Winter 2021 - A Tribute to Yima Sen, Salihu Bappa, and Balarabe Musa: Nigerian Scholar Activists and Political Change Makers

Fall 2020 - Governance in Ibibioland, Nigeria; Notes on Steve Biko

Summer 2020 - International Dimensions of the Nigerian Civil War (1967 -70)

Spring 2020 - The 17th Annual Lecture on the AMISTAD

Winter 2020 - Ancient Africa Revisited

Fall 2019 - Nigerian -Portuguese Relations; African Studies at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU)

Summer 2019 - How Europe Underdeveloped Africa: A Tribute to Walter Rodney

Spring 2019 - The 16th Amistad Keynote Address

Winter 2019 - Nigerian Trade Unions; FGM, Ousmane Sembene & Film

Fall 2018 - Winnie Madikizela Mandela

Summer 2018 - Globalization and Ghana; African Indigenous Cosmetics

Spring 2018 - Gambian - Nigerian Relations (Godwin Odeh); Elections in Nigeria(Olusola Akintola) ; Elections in Sierra Leone (Yusuf Bangura) and Ethiopia ( Gloria Emeagwali)

Winter 2018 - Cameroon and Christianity; and US Foreign Policy in Africa

Fall 2017 - Black Leadership in the U.S and Jamaica

Summer 2017 - Africa and Terrorism

Spring 2017 - The Fourteenth Annual Amistad Lecture

Winter 2017 - Race and Racism in Egyptology

Fall 2016 - Educating the Visually Impaired in Nigeria


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