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[Corwin Hoover presents his research on Variable Stars at the CCSU Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Day]

Interested students are encouraged to work with faculty on research projects. These opportunities are open to Astronomy minors, Geological Sciences majors, Physics majors, and others. Students are encouraged to present their work at both the CCSU Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Day (URCAD) and professional conferences.

Examples of conference presentations of student research projects in astronomy are listed below. Student names are in bold. Click on the abstract or poster link to read more about the project:

Jennifer Piatek, Livio Tornabene, Tony Glanovsky, Ian Murphy, Nadine Barlow, Gordon Osinski and Stuart Robbins. "Preservation of Thermophysical Ejecta Facies in Martian Craters Near the Transition Diameter." 50th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, 2018. Poster

Ian Murphy, Jennifer Piatek, and Livio Tornabene. "Morphological Characteristics of the Best-preserved Martian Craters: Thermophysical Mapping of Gasa and Istok." Joint Meeting of the Northeastern/North-Central Sections of the Geological Society of America, 2017. Abstract

Jennifer Piatek and Jessica Johnson. "Real Earth, Virtual Mars: Using Digital Technology to Explore Mars Via Earth Analogs." Geological Society of America Annual Conference, 2015. Abstract

Kristine Larsen, Jessica Johnson, and Corwin Hoover. “Identification of Misclassified Rotational Variables in the ASAS Catalog.” American Astronomical Society Winter Conference, 2017. Abstract 

Justin Fagnoni and Kristine Larsen. "ASAS Candidates for Misidentified SRd Variable Stars." Joint Spring Meeting of the American Physical Society New England Section and the New England Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers, 2019. Abstract

Seth Gagnon and Kristine Larsen. "Identification of Variable Red Dwarf Stars in the ASAS Catalog." American Physical Society New England Section Fall Meeting, 2018. Abstract