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The Advisory Board will include pairs of representatives from each of the participating area Biotech/Pharmaceutical companies: One member of the pair will be a CCSU alumnus; the second will be a senior staff scientist, human resources or management official, for example. This structure has strong advantages for our forming Institute, as the alumni will already know of CCSU’s academic strengths (and weaknesses), and the non-affiliated representative will already know at least one CCSU graduate who is a valuable employee.

Dr. Kathy Martin-Troy (Coordinator of Cell, Molecular, and Physiological Biology Programs; Biomolecular Sciences; CCSU) will serve as initial Director of the Biotechnology Institute. Other CCSU faculty with research/teaching interests in the molecular life sciences will be Advisory Board members, ex officio.

The Advisory Board will provide guidance and oversight of the programs of the Institute and will evaluate the effectiveness of the Institute’s programs and pursuit of external funding. The Advisory Board members can provide additional contacts within the biotech industry. Most importantly, the Advisory Board will help us in an ongoing way to assess and refine our academic programs from a “real world” perspective.

Biotechnology Institute Advisory Board

Currently, the Board consists of:

  • Dr Janice Chin, Senior Scientist, Pfizer Inc
  • Michael Damiana, Genaissance Pharmaceuticals Inc
  • Chris Gallo, Curagen Corp
  • Audrey Hildebrandt, Hepaticus, Inc
  • Robert Moody, Personnel Manager, Quest Diagnostics
  • Kathleen Palaski, Quest Diagnostics
  • Virginia Reale, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

The following CCSU faculty members are the ex officio Board members:

  • Dr Michael A Davis, Department of Biomolecular Sciences
  • Dr Neil Glagovich, Department of Chemistry
  • Dr Thomas King, Department of Biomolecular Sciences
  • Dr Kathy Martin-Troy, Department of Biomolecular Sciences
  • Dr James Mulrooney, Department of Biomolecular Sciences
  • Dr Cheryl Watson, Department of Biomolecular Sciences

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