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"The CCWP was definitely an amazing experience for me. Not only was I able to fully realize my potential as a writer, but I also enjoyed fellowship with very nice people who have the same interests and desires as I. I would definitely recommend the CCWP to anyone who loves writing."


"I was never a confident writer until I went through the CCWP program. Now, I am able to write down exactly what I think, and write it in a way that can draw a reader in. The CCWP gave me the skills and confidence I needed, and I know I will use what I learned there for the rest of my writing career."


"The CCWP Intensive Summer Institute gave me the opportunity to grow as both a teacher of writing and as a writer myself. The daily collaboration with educators from different disciplines and grade levels allowed me to see the power of the writing experience for students of all ages. I left the ISI with a strong set of professional connections from across the state, fresh ideas about the teaching of writing, and new ways to engage my students."