Study Abroad Scholarships

Course Abroad Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria

The Center for International Education offers a limited number of scholarships to participants in Course Abroad programs. To be considered eligible for CIE Course Abroad scholarship assistance, applicants must: (1) submit the Course Abroad registration form to the Center for International Education on or before the program's registration deadline, (2) be matriculated at CCSU, (3) have a GPA of a 3.0 or higher (4) register for a course associated with the program, (5) not receive tuition remission/waivers, and (6) submit a 750-1000 word Scholarship Essay (see individual program registration forms). Scholarships will be awarded on a first come first served basis for those who meet the qualifications. Registration for a Course Abroad program does not guarantee award of a scholarship.

Semesters Abroad Scholarships

Students participating in long-term study abroad programs are encouraged to seek external scholarships. The link below can be used as a start in exploring external scholarships; students are encouraged to do additional web-research.

External Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities