Student Wellness Services



Students with Disabilities

As with all personal concerns, worries, or troubles, The Counseling and Wellness Center extends its services to those with disabilities. Our staff is willing to counsel students who may be struggling with disabilities. We can help you with our professional counseling services, but the primary resource on this campus for students with disabilities is Student Disability Services. They are currently located in Willard 101-03, but will be transitioning summer 2016 to Carroll Hall room 246, and can be reached at (860) 832-1952.

Student Disabilitiy Services provides a wide array of academic accomodations, available to both full and part-time students. The staff is committed to providing students with support and services needed to allow them the opportunity to participate in the rich and varied life that CCSU has to offer. Their primary duty is to provide students with services and supports that promote educational equity for students with disabilities.

Assistance includes, but is not limited to, arranging accomodations for students as well as auxilary aids that are necessary for students with disabilities to pursue their academic careers.

The responsibilities of the Office for Student Disability Services include:

  • Assisting the student in the determination of appropriate accomodations and auxilary aids
  • Communicating the right to full and appropriate accomodations to faculty
  • Determining eligibility for academic accomodation based upon a review of submitted documentation
  • Assuring the student receives the appropriate accomodations for his or her needs
The Office for Student Disabilities will therefore continue to aid the student, by:

  • Interacting with faculty members when appropriate
  • Developing strategies to negotiate campus life
  • Increasing personal advocacy skills
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses so that students can develop adaptive and compensatory skills and set goals
  • Exploring disability-related needs and locate resources that are necessary for appropriate accomodations
  • Disseminating information about support services on and off campus.

Please contact the Office for Student Disability Services at (860) 832-1952 for general information.