Student Wellness Services



Are You Stressed?
Please click here to download this self-test and bring it with you to your first appointment.


Answer the questions below considering the past month: (Check all that apply).

                                                                                                                                            Yes            No   

1. I experienced an unexplained attack of intense fear, anxiety or panic                               ______      ______    

2. I persistently worried about school, work, family, and money                                         ______      ______

3. I became so anxious in social situations that I frequently avoided them                            ______      ______

4. I had persistent, senseless thoughts I couldn't get out of my head, such                          
as thoughts of death, illness, aggression, sexual urges, or contamination                              ______      ______

5. I spent more time than is necessary doing things over and over again                              ______      ______

6. I frequently used food (or not eating), alcohol, or drugs as a way of dealing with stress   ______      ______

7. I frequently was afraid to do things in front of people such as public speaking, eating      ______      ______

8. I never used physical exercise as a way of managing stress                                            ______      ______

9. An extremely frightening, traumatic or horrible experience continued to affect me.          ______      ______

10. I felt so overwhelmed with stress that I thought of dying                                              ______      ______



If you answered "Yes" to at least five questions, or you answered "Yes" to Question 1, 6 and 10, AND these symptoms have persisted for at least two weeks, you may be suffering from a stress related illness.  If you answered "Yes" to question 10 - regardless of how you answered other questions - you should seek help immediately.


To setup an appointment with one of our counselors, contact us at 860-832-1945. Counseling and Wellness Center services are private and confidential and no fee is charged, with every effort made to help you feel safe, welcome and able to discuss your concerns.


Self-assessments provided by Central Connecticut State University's Counseling and Wellness Center are for educational purposes only. They are not intended to treat or diagnose a situational or permanent medical condition and are not a replacement for proper medical care. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat a physical or mental health problem without consulting a qualified health or mental care provider. If you find that you are concerned with some of the results, please contact the Counseling and Wellness Center to setup an appointment at (860) 832-1945. In the case of emergency, always dial 911.