College Readiness Programs (CRP) are responsible for the development and administration of all college preparatory programs and community outreach. College Readiness Programs will provide college exposure and monitor student progress in grades 6-12. The CRP Office will coordinate the relationships between the programs of CCSU and the surrounding community for the purpose of enhancing the academic programs between the two entities. CRP is here to develop new opportunities and skill sets for middle and high school students who want to earn a college degree. Prior to applying for a college readiness program or at any time during the application process, we appreciate your contact by phone, letter, email, or personal visit. Please click on one of the above programs for more information.


Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs is here to provide our students with academic resources and educational guidelines. At CCSU, Academic support towards graduation and retention is our goal. Please click to find out more information about our departments. 

Summer Programs

We offer summer programs to encounage students to continue their learning through fun educational activities. Our summer programs will  provide great experiences and academic guidelines. Please click to find out more information about our summer programs. 

CRP Resources

Our goal is to help our students graduate by providing quick links to resources and tools that will assist you on your educational jouney. We have resources and useful information for all students. Please click to find out more information about our departments.