Events & Logistics Management deals with numerous spaces on campus.

To see a detailed view of each space, click on the appropriate link below.


Barnard 108

Capacity: 20 people


Copernicus 231

Capacity: 99 people


DiLoreto 001

Capacity: 220 people


Davidson 123

Capacity: 50 people



Capacity: 100 people


Marcus White Living Room

Capacity: 32 people


Torp Theatre

Capacity: 360 people


Vance Academic Center 105

Capacity: 99 people


Vance Academic Center 106

Capacity: 15 people


Welte Auditorium

Capacity: 1,814 people




Room Inventory

A full room inventory of campus spaces.(Updated the week of 8/03/2009)

Room Inventory (PDF)




Building and Grounds Usage Policy

Click here to view the Building and Grounds Usage Policy