Current d-Designation Courses

d-Designation Definitions

d-Designation Application

Interested in applying for the D designation? There are two easy ways to make your own personal D-course.

1) Choose these directions if you took the 2-day Diversity workshop:

  • Go to the University Curriculum Committee website.
  • Click on Curriculum Forms and Archives at bottom of left-hand column.
  • To the left of the radio button for Curriculum Forms, where Choose a Form is highlighted in yellow, select Course Revision in the pull-down menu.
  • On the form entitled Find a Course to Revise, choose the appropriate designator and fill in the number for the course for which you seek [d] designation. Click Find the Course.
  • Click Revise on the extreme right of descriptive entry for the course.
  • Check the box for Proposed Diversity, and fill in the name of the instructor who will offer the [d] designated section of the course and the first semester in which (s)he plans to offer it, which must be at least one year after the semester in which application is made.
  • In the dialogue box for Academic Rationale, type in “applying for a d-designation” and again indicate the instructor and semester [because when the form is reformatted after you click Submit the first time, the checked box will probably disappear because of a glitch in the software].
  • Hit Submit your Request at the bottom of the form. Your form will be reformatted.
  • Hit Submit Final Request. The form will again be reformatted, with signature boxes at the bottom. Print out a hard copy of this form so that you may gather appropriate signatures. The electronic submission goes through only after the SECOND time you hit submit.
  • Get signatures from your department chair, indicating department approval of your request, and the chair of the Diversity Committee (Dr. Beth Merenstein, e-mail:; phone: (860) 832-3174), indicating that you attended the workshop. Attach to the form a copy of your syllabus, as revised in consultation with a workshop instructor. [Note: you do not need a Dean signature when applying for this designation.]
  • Submit the signed hard copy to the chair of the University Curriculum Committee. For the academic years 2012-13 and 2013-14, that is Dr. Mark Jackson, Dept. of Biology, (860) 832-2650. You must do this for the submission to be put on the agenda!
  • Represent your proposal (or have your department representative do so) at appropriate subcommittee meetings of the University Curriculum Committee. Usually, this will be the subcommittee for the school to which your department belongs, the General Education Subcommittee, and the main meeting of the full committee. Check the University Curriculum Committee calendar for meeting dates, times, and locations. The agenda will indicate at which meetings the proposal will be considered. [It is theoretically possible, though almost never necessary, to represent your proposal at the Faculty Senate.]
  • Check with your department curriculum committeee representative or Dr. Paul A. Karpuk, chair of the Curriculum Subcommittee of the DC, (860) 832-2774, for assistance with this process as necessary.
  • Though it may be a bit of trouble to attend these meetings, you need only do it once for the course; thereafter, your section of the course has the designation FOREVER. However, it only applies to your section, and you may also opt to teach it without the designation.


2) Choose these directions if you took the 1-Day diversity workshop

  • or if you want to submit your course for a d-designation without taking the workshop.
  • Download the FSDC form.
  • Fill out the form (pages 2 and 3) and submit it, together with a proposed syllabus showing how you intend to revise the course to make it compatible with [d] designation, to Dr. Merenstein or Dr. Karpuk (phone numbers and e-mails above). The curriculum subcommittee of the FSDC (on behalf of the full committee) will consider the proposal and notify you of its decision.
  • Once you have received approval of the FSDC, follow the instructions for submission to the University Curriculum Committee as outlined under (1). Dr. Merenstein will sign the curriculum committee form indicating that the FSDC approved the proposal.


[To simplify the process, you may opt to fill out the University Curriculum Committee form prior to application to the FSDC and submit it together with the FSDC's own form, so that you will get it back with Dr. Merenstein's signature already on it.]


Optional: Diversity Assessment Project

Dear Faculty: Please consider becoming part of the Diversity Assessment Project at Central Connecticut State University. It is our hope to be able to show definitively the value of incorporating diversity education into many of our general education and major courses. If you agree to be part of this process, you will be given a document with many different types of assessment questions to review as potential assessment questions for your own class. You can choose any of those questions in addition to developing your own assessment questions. I will then customized your assessment and help you with data collection. We hope to get a publication on this project!

The design of this study involves two parts. First, all students in all classes will be given a pre-test and post-test of the assessment you design. How you want to incorporate the grading of these assignments is up to you, but in my experience, when you make the assessment part of the student’s grades, you will get a more accurate evaluation of each question. The second part of the study involves a meta-analysis. We include your results and the results of all of the professors involved in this project to see whether or not the diversity education is making a difference in our student’s knowledge, understanding, and attitudes about diversity topics.


If you are interested in either participating in the project or learning more about the project, please contact Carolyn Fallahi at Thank you for your consideration.