Dr. Larose's Interests

Doing battle with the trees, bushes, and other wildlife
in the land behind our house.

Monet, Carvaggio, 
and Art History

Madame Monet and Her Son

"May lady lullabye
 sing plainly for you, 
Soft, strong, sweet, and true."

Listening to audio books. Never parting company
with my iPad.
Researching the ancestors going back to France in the 1600's.  
Music night, including quizzes and karaoke! Writing stories with my daughter Ravel
The National
Hockey League
Video hockey with my son Tristan iTunes U Quiet-water canoeing with my daughter Chantal
Great Books!
The Blank Slate, by Stephen Pinker
The Red Queen, by Matt Ridley
The Civil War: A Narrative, by Shelby Foote
The Scratch of a Pen, by Colin Calloway
The Dilbert Principle, by Scott Adams

Dialogues of the Dead, by Reginald Hill
The Last Kingdom, by Bernard Cornwell
The Holy Thief, by Ellis Peters
The Power of Myth, by Joseph Campbell
Before the Dawn, by Nicholas Wade