Jaltomata "libertadii"
Mione 650 / Leiva 2345
revised 13 Oct 2014  
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La Libertad, Peru

This species was refered to as J. "libertadii" in the phylogeny of Miller et al. (2011)
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Surprisingly, this collection is not closely related to J. sinuosa in the phylogeny of Miller et al. 2011.
Photo taken in Peru by T. Mione; print scanned July 2009.
Back of Flower. Mione et al. 650, photo taken in Peru by T. Mione, print scanned July 2009. Flower. Mione et al. 650, photo taken in Peru by T. Mione.
650. Photo by T. Mione in Peru

Peru, Department La Libertad, province Santiago de Chuco; road from Cachicadan to Santiago de Chuco, 8 05' 10" S, 78 09' 31" W, 2640 m, Leiva et al. 2345 is the same collection as Mione et al. 650. Habitat: roadside.

Shrub 50 cm high. Stems round proximally and distally. Leaves geminate, entire to repand. 5 pairs of green maculae in a ring immediately inside a complete purple ring on the otherise white corolla. Filament hairs lilac-purpleFruits orange 9 X 14 mm containing 162 brown seeds. Calyx with fruit 24 mm across.

Stigma exsertion beyond dehisced anthers: not measured, but appears to be a few mm on photos taken in Peru at the time the collection was made.

Similar to J. sinuosa but has smaller anthers and round (in cross section) stems. J. sinuosa has longer anthers and stems are angular in cross section.

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