Collaborators, Jaltomata (Solanaceae) Research
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The information on this page may be cited as a communication with professor Thomas Mione, Central Connecticut State University, Biology Department, Copernicus Hall, 1615 Stanley Street, New Britain, Connecticut 06050-4010, United States of America.
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Segundo Leiva G. (left) and Leon I. Yacher (right). Link to list of our Jaltomata publications
(Photo by T. Mione, March 2007 at Universidad Privada Antenor Arrego, Peru)
Dennis M. Hansen holding tropicbird chick from Round Island, near Mauritius. Dennis is the global guru of coloured nectar. (Hansen D. M. et al. 2007. Coloured nectar: distribution, ecology, and evolution of an enigmatic floral trait. Biological Reviews 82: 83-111) (Photo provided by D. M. H.)
Luis A. Serazo. Luis generously provided illustrations for Jaltomata research: trichomes, stamens and J. andersonii. Photo by Thomas Mione, July 2002, Connecticut, USA.
Arturo Granda P.
Arturo has generously provided digital photos and specimens, and has been a co-author with T. M.
(Photo by L. Yacher, June 2005)
David M. Spooner. My understanding of Jaltomata diversity would be much less complete without David's many specimens. Link to David M. Spooner's Jaltomata collections. (Photo from
Neil W. Sawyer. Neil generously provided Jaltomata specimens he collected in Peru.
(Photo by T. Mione, 2004, probably Utah, USA.)
Segundo Leiva G.,
Amazing at finding Solanaceae
Photo by T. Mione in Peru
Leon I. Yacher.
A Wildman of fieldwork
Photo by T. Mione in Peru