Saracha diffusa Miers based on Mathews 775
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Saracha diffusa Miers is clearly a Jaltomata but the taxonomic transfer to Jaltomata has not been done. Why? This species is known only from the type collection, and without any additional specimens from Peru there is no way for me to know if the collection locality information is in error. Jaltomata contorta is similar and is known from the same department of Peru, but it too is known from a single specimen (see a discusion of J. contorta at Lima).

Saracha diffusa Miers, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. ser. 2, 3: 447. 1849, Miers, Ill. S. Am. Plants 2: 17-18. 1857.
Type: PERU. Dept. Lima, Prov. Canta, Cuesta de Puruchuco, Mathews 775 (TYPE: K!; F!; ISOLECTOTYPE: W, F neg. 33016).
Witheringia diffusa (Miers) Miers, Ill. S. Amer. Pl. 2: App. 56. 1857.
Not Saracha diffusa Miers, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. ser 2, 3: 451. 1849 (Type: Galeotti 1169 K, P).

On the type specimens the collection locality is given as “Cuesta de Purruchua” but in the protologue Miers gave the type locality as “Cuesta de Purruchucho” and Morton (unpublished) gave the spelling as Purrochucho. These spellings were not listed in the gazetteer published by the United States Department of Interior (N.I.S. Gazetteer of Official Standard names for Peru, Board of Geographic Names. 1955). I give the type locality as “Puruchuco”, as did Macbride (1962), a small town in Peru, department of Lima, province of Canta, at 11 33’ S, 76 48’ W and 2500 m of elevation. Cuesta de Puruchuco is a subxerophytic steep slope within a few hundred meters below the town, but it is possible that Mathews regarded the higher hills near Puruchuco on the way to the town of Huamantanga as the Cuesta de Puruchuco (A. Granda P. , pers. comm.). In the department of Lima, province Lima, there is a another Puruchuco (located 5 km from Lima and at a few hundred m of elevation) but this locality is not referred to as Cuesta de Puruchuco.

Notes on the type specimen at K: Peduncle to 27 mm long. Corolla 10.7 mm from lobe tip across to lobe tip (sort of a diamter, measured on flower shown in figure 1), anthers 0.84 (dehisced) to 1 (undehisced) mm long (measured on flowers shown in figures 1 and 3), filaments glabrous. Style 2.8 mm long; stigma 0.33 mm at widest (perpendicular to style length, measurements on flower shown in figure 1).

In my notes I have "up to 13 flowers per inflorescence, the calyx is of uniform color abaxially" from other observations; these must have been on the type at F

Figure 1. Unit (blue ruler on left) is mm. One stamen missing. Mathews 775 (K)
Figure 2. Mathews 775 (K)
Figure 3. The two anthers showing look dehisced. Corolla maculae roughly (sort of) in a ring. Mathews 775 (K)
Figure 4. Mathews 775 (K)