Medicinal Uses of Jaltomata (Solanaceae) species
revised 25 Jul 2016
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The information on this page may be cited as a communication with professor Thomas Mione, Central Connecticut State University, Biology Department, Copernicus Hall, 1615 Stanley Street, New Britain, Connecticut 06050-4010, United States of America.
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"Leaves useful as a poultice and to relieve pain" J. contorta
Macbride (1962, page 33) citing Ruiz & Pavón)
"leaves (combined with lard) used as a poultice for tumors"
Macbride (1962, page 34) citing Ruiz & Pavón)
"for canker sores and high fever, fruit is sucked and eaten" Bolivia La Paz   R. Alvarez 92
herbarium specimen
"for sunburning: used with alcohol for bath"
Loja   L. Ellemann 66799 (NY)
herbarium specimen
"Said to be constipating but the 4 quarts we ate produced no ill effects." J. procumbens Mexico Chihuahua
no data
C. H. Muller collected seeds in Mexico; W. H. Cowgill 2085 (BH) herbarium specimen cultivated in Maryland from seeds collected in Mexico  
"root used as a medicinal tea (boiled) to treat stomach ailments"
J. procumbens
Mexico Chihuahua
R. A. Bye 9874 (MO)
herbarium specimen,
14 October 1980
"hoja, machado, aplastado, edema"
J. procumbens
Mexico Chiapas
E. Sántiz Cruz 683 (MO)
herbarium specimen, 1988
"fruto, quebrado con los dedos, agoteado el jugo, enfermedad de los ojos"
J. procumbens
Mexico Chiapas
E. Sántiz Cruz 759 (MO)
herbarium specimen, 1988
"tea a diuretic and febrifuge"
J. procumbens
Colombia Putumayo 2225-2300 R. E. Schultes & M. Villarreal 7615 (GH) herbarium specimen collected 29 May 1946  
"fusion of leaves applied to small infected wounds from insect bites" J. repandidentata Panama Cocle   B. Hammel 4797 (MO)
herbarium specimen
"for fungal diseases and allergic reactions. The plant is crushed and applied to the affected part." J. repandidentata Ecuador Pichincha
L. P. Kvist & L. Holm-Nielsen 40101 (NY)
herbarium specimen
no open flowers, so I am not certain that this is J. repandidentata.
"native medicinal"
Piura   N. Sawyer 807    
"bayas comestibles contra la anemia"
J. sinuosa
La Paz   St. G. Beck 11396 (NY)
herbarium specimen


Mione (1992, pp. 132-133, citing Bastien, 1987) discussed use of J. herrerae for both food an medicine.

In a dictionary of plant names, the entry for Jaltomata is followed the by "Med." presumably meaning medicinal (Colmeiro 1871, page 104).

In the Flora de Veracruz, Mexico, Nee (1986) wrote "En la medicina regional se utilizan para la rabia de los perros (Martínez A. 504)." Both J. procumbens and J. repandidentata grow in Veracruz, Mexico, and as of now (2013) I have not yet identified this specimen.