Jaltomata nitida (Bitter) Mione

Venezuela and Colombia
updated 2018  
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Colombia and Venezuela
Jaltomata nitida pressed specimen (isotype)

Distribution: Venezuela and Colombia

Habitat: This species has been collected along a highway and in a primary jungle.

Altitude: 1700 - 2500 m

Flowering and fruiting in June, August, October and December

J. nitida specimens studied
country department locality elevation m habitat date collector data entry
Venezuela Aragua on old dirt rd to beach on W side of main rd from La Victoria to Colonia Tovar, beginning ca 3 km S of Colonia Tovar 1,700 in primary jungle 21 August 1992 D. M. Spooner, J. Ignacio Román, J. Brendemba 6301 (WIS) November 2018
Colombia Santander Eastern Cordillera, between Piedecuesta and Las Vegas 2,000 - 2,500 wooded bank 19 - 24 December 1926 E. P. Killip & A. C. Smith 15544 (NY, US)
September 2010


comparison of three similar Andean Jaltomata species
  auriculata nitida sanctae-martae
country of type specimen Colombia Venezuela  
filaments hairy on lower half (illustration in protologue) glabrous
protologue "filamentorum...glaberrimi";
Spooner 1601 collected at type locality has glabrous filaments
fruit color at maturity   orange ("aurantiacum" in protologue)  
flowers per inflor to 6 3 - 4 in protologue, but Spooner 1601 (collected at type locality) has an inflorescence having 6 flowers  
elevation of type specimen   1700 m (from Spooner's 1601 collected at type locality)  


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