Jaltomata sagastegui Mione

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Central Connecticut State University, Biology Department, Copernicus Hall, 1615 Stanley Street, New Britain, Connecticut 06050-4010, United States of America.
Novon 6: 280-284. 1996
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Figure 1. Hermaphroditic Flower.

(Mione, Leiva & Yacher 755, photo by Mione in Peru).

Figure 2. Pistillate Flower (anthers non-functional) from a plant near the plant shown on the left (Mione, Leiva & Yacher 756, photo by T. Mione in Peru).


Character Description Figures on this page
Habit & Height
Branching shrub to 1 (-2.5) m  
Branches, young
Younger stems somewhat 4- or 5-sided. Hairs of young stems dendritic, rarely forked or of the finger type, to 0.4 mm long.  
woody stems (brown) terete and hollow.  
Leaves, size
Leaves often geminate; 3.2--14 cm long, 1--6.5 cm wide;  
shape ovate, the apex sometimes acuminate, margin entire or repand;  
hairs adaxially and abaxially tomentulose with interspersed dendritic and finger hairs 0.04--0.22 mm long.  
to 12-flowered, sometimes branched  
9.5--28 mm long, longer than attached pedicels; green; straight; ligneous at fruiting  
pedicels 4.5--7 mm long  
Calyx at flowering
green; 5.1--6.5 mm in diameter; lobe radius 2.6 mm; sinus radius 1.2 mm; abaxially tomentose with a dense covering of branched hairs; lobes reflexed  
at fruit maturity small: lobe radius to 4.5 mm, sinus radius to 3 mm.  
Corolla color
white with two purple ovate maculae straddling the main vein to each corolla lobe; in some collections a purple ring in throat, lacking in other collections  
shape and size
short-tubular with a rotate limb; limb 11--14 mm in diameter; tube 4--5 mm long and 4.5--5 mm in diameter  
limb with 5 corolla lobes alternating with 5 inconspicuous to absent lobules  
Stamen length
3.2--3.4 mm long, not exserted beyond mouth of corolla tube  
filaments having finger hairs along basal 40--50 %, the hairs to 0.5 mm long  
anther color    
anther size undehisced 1.6--2.0 mm long by 1.3--1.5 mm wide  
anther mucronate/mucronulate    
anthers of a flower open simultaneously?    
pollen quantity 104,500 Mione et al. 654, n = 1 flower flower collected in Peru (not grown for study),
count by Emmett P. Varricchio
pollen grain size a) 25--30 µm in diameter,
22.5 - 27 µm, mean 24.93 µm
b) accession 755, 2012 Michael J. Tanasi,
15 grains, flowers collected in Peru and stored in 70% ethanol (not grown for study)
diameter 0.33--0.6 mm.  
length 3.5--5.4 mm, exserting 1--3 mm beyond anthers, some styles angling to side  
Ovules per ovary

116 Mione et al. 654, n = 1 flower
94 Mione et al. 755, n = 1 flower
106 Mione et al. 756, n = 1 flower

flowers collected in Peru (not grown for study),
counts by Thomas Mione; I doubled the count from one locule
Fruit color (at maturity) and size
5 - 8 mm across, orange  
Seeds per fruit
Seed Size
Chromosome number
n = 12  
Growability in Connecticut, USA
grew well in greenhouse at UConn  
How long does it take from flower to ripe fruit?
Seed Germination
Ratio of pollen to ovules
901 (104,500 / 116 ovules) Mione et al. 654, n = 1 flower
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Jaltomata sagastegui
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The specific epithet was chosen to honor the eminent Peruvian botanist Abundio Sagástegui Alva.



Geographic & Altitudinal Distribution: Peru, elevation range to be placed here, flowering June

Department and Province Locality elevation habitat date collector
Dept. Cajamarca, prov. Contumazá alrededor de Guzmango 2,500 m borde de acequia 9 Junio 1990 TYPE: A. Sagástegui A. 14388 (holotype: F; isotype: grown for study as Mione 536 herbarium)
which dept is 7 25 00 S, 78 47 40" west in? My map shows that this would be dept Cajamaraca, but my field notes say La Libertad       16 June 1999 Mione, Leiva & Yacher 654
Leiva, Mione & Yacher 2354
Cajamarca, prov. Contumazá near Contumazá no data roadside 16-17 June 1999 Mione, Leiva & Yacher 657
          Mione, Leiva & Yacher 755
          Mione, Leiva & Yacher 756


Jaltomata sagastegui. Style and stigma next to metric ruler such that the vertical white lines are on mm apart. Mione et al. 755. Flower had been stored in 70% ethanol for years prior to photo. Photo my T. Mione.