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Over the years, periodic research has been done on First-Year students and the First Year Experience courses.  Currently, FYE faculty are encouraged to incorporate our particular learning outcomes into the development,  teaching and evaluation of their FYE courses.  Building upon these learning outcomes, a student self-assessment instrument (Fall 2012) is now used every semester

Fall 2012 Student Assessment Results: 

Learning Outcomes Summary (vs. Fall 2011, 2010 and 2009)

Full Survey Results (Excel file; thanks to Yvonne Kirby in OIRA)

Peer Leaders (vs. Fall 2011)


Fall 2011 Student Assessment Results:

Learning Outcomes Summary (vs. Fall 2010 and Fall 2009)

Peer Leaders

Demographic Analysis (Summary) (Complete data in Excel)


Fall 2010 Student Assessment Results:

Learning Outcomes Summary (vs. Fall 2009)

Living-Learning Communities

Co-Curricular Activities (vs. Fall 2009)

Peer Leaders

FYE 101 vs. Embedded Sections


Full Fall 2009 results (summary, FYE101 vs. embedded summary, detailed results in PDF form) are also available. 

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment also tracks first-year student academic progress.  In addition to retention data, CIRP Freshmen survey results (from 1998-2010) and a comparison of the FYE101 vs. embedded model (for those students entering in Fall 2007, 2008, and 2009) are also available.

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