Student Wellness Services


Student Wellness Services

Student Wellness Services provides integrated mental health, physical health, and wellness education services to assist all CCSU undergraduate and graduate students in the pursuit of academic success, a fulfilling college experience, and a healthy lifestyle.

Starting Monday, 03/23/2020, counseling and health services typically offered at the Student Wellness Center will be provided via an on-line telehealth system using WebEx and Softphone. Calls made to the SWC will be forwarded to front office staff who are working remotely; these calls will be directed accordingly. All counselors and health service providers are also working remotely using these technologies. Individual and group counseling sessions will take place via the video platform provided through WebEx. Health service appointments will continue to be scheduled; however, their services will be somewhat limited.

Managing Stress while Learning On-line

Shifting quickly to an on-line college learning environment can present added stress while working to complete the Spring semester.  While mild to moderate levels of stress are typical for college students, heightened and prolonged feelings of stress can lead to increased levels of anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges, as well as medical issues.  Adapting to new technologies, feeling less connected to peers and campus supports, and coping with other changes can leave students feeling overwhelmed and not in control.  Taking proactive steps to minimize stress is vital to effectively managing the stress that can come from this rapid change while also coping with the stress and worry associated with COVID19.  Click here to access strategies we recommend to cope with stress under these unusual circumstances.

For all questions and concerns please email or call at the telephone numbers listed. Thank you.

Student Wellness Services - Counseling

Michael Russo, Psy.D. - Director of Counseling and Student Development

Student Wellness Services - Counseling supports students' academic success by assisting them in resolving mental health concerns and other personal difficulties. We offer individual counseling, group counseling, educational, and psychiatric referral services to enrolled full- and part-time students. We also provide referrals for specialty, long term, or more intensive services. Our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

Student Wellness Services - Health Services

Marisol Ostrov, Ed.D - Associate Director of Student Health Services

Student Wellness Services - Health supports students' academic success by providing routine medical care to enrolled full- and part-time students. There is NO charge for the office visit, although some lab tests, immunizations, treatments, and prescription medications may require a small fee. We also provide referral services for more complex or serious medical issues. All visits are strictly confidential.

Student Wellness Services - Office of Wellness Education

Jonathan Pohl, Ph.D., Coordinator of Wellness Education

Student Wellness Services - Wellness Education's mission is to equip the CCSU community with resources and information that foster healthy lifestyles. We provide informative events for students on alcohol, tobacco, and suicide prevention, and workshops on topics such as transitioning to the college experience and managing medical issues. All activities are FREE.